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Infected earring hole? Please help!?

I’m not sure if this is infection, however I need any advice I can get to help my earring holes please.

So, I got my ears pierced when I was about 10 years old, so it’s been approximately 6 years since then. In recent years I’ve been wearing earrings less frequently, so now when I wear them my earring holes often bleed a little bit and get a bit of pus. Is this normal and how can I fix this? 

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    Your earring holes are bleeding a little and having a bit of pus because your earholes are tightening up, the skin is trying to close the hole. This can even occur when you've had your piercings for years (trust me, I have 20 piercings). This is pretty normal if you don't wear your earrings for a while. You need to be wearing your earrings every day (wear a simple pair of studs if other earrings bother you) and I would buy a pair of studs in surgical steel. Surgical steel will allow your earholes to heal while not irritating them further. 

    To help your earholes heal again, you need to wear earrings so they have something to heal around rather than close the earring hole. I also recommend cleaning the piercings with a saline spray or saltwater once when you wake up and once when you go to bed. 

    You can also coat the stick part of the earring with a little bit of Neosporin or polysporin to help with healing but it must be washed off/cleaned with saline spray a little bit later. 

    In general, keep your earrings in and piercings clean and leave them alone. Your earring holes will eventually go back to normal in a few weeks. 

    Source(s): I have 20 piercings in total.
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    No this is not normal.  Sound like you are allergic to some metals. You have been getting a reaction to the posts on the earring.

    First stop wearing earrings. Wipe your ears lobes with hydrogen peroxide to clean and then put a dab antibacterial ointment on the front and back.

    Look for Hypoallergenic Earrings.   

    Once your ear lobes are healed you can try to coat the Earring posts with antibacterial ointment before you put them in.  Wipe with peroxide and dab antibacterial ointment on your ear lobes when you take them out.

    Never wear earrings over night.

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