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Who do you think is the smarter fictional character micheal scofield from prison break or patrick jane the mentalist?

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    2 months ago

    One of the problems with The Mentalist was hyping up the skills that they use to make them seem almost superhuman.  A mentalist isn't necessarily particularly smart.  What's more useful for them is being perceptive and emotionally attuned.  In real life they also benefit a ton from things which wouldn't come into play in the scenario in The Mentalist.  

    The Mentalist is one of a whole sub genre of shows which are basically "person with unusual background/abilities investigates crimes". Like Sherlock Holmes, Patrick Jane is supposed to use his superior powers of observation and deductive reasoning to help the cops solve crimes, often making spectacular (but always correct) inferences from seemingly minor or obscure clues (but whereas the Holmes stories prioritized his deductive reasoning and logic, The Mentalist prioritizes his observational skills).  But a real life Mentalist, while perceptive, probably couldn't contribute like that.  In real life they use a lot of tricks to bolster their skills.  One is to have knowledge ahead of time.  Real life Mentalists will often use assistants to gather information on people who they will be "reading", or even use microphones in the audience room to try and pick up information.  And while Patrick Jane is (almost) always right in his deductions, a real mentalist is very often wrong.  The process of "cold reading", where a mentalist "reads" someone without prior knowledge of that person, relies on taking vague information (often gleaned from social cues) and refining that down over the course of a series of questions.  It works best in a large group setting where a statement like "I sense an older male authority figure" will be relevant to a lot of people.  And cold reading relies overall on people ignoring the mentalists mistakes.  A real mentalist can keep the performance going and move past any mistakes he made.  In the investigatory setting Jane can't do that, particularly since he's supposed to be picking up on clues and implications that the cops missed.

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  • 2 months ago

    I really enjoyed The Mentalist and Patrick Jane was a very smart, cool character so I would choose him.

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