is dentistry a good career path?

I am going to be a sophomore in college this year. I have been set on being a veterinarian as my career, but recently considered a career switch and that is dentistry. The main cause for a switch was the cost of vet school and not making much money as a vet. Looking at other careers I came across dentistry and I think its a good fit for me. I choose dentistry because I love the combination of using art and science, I love working with my hands, I dont get grossed out looking in other peoples mouths, I love going to the dentist ever since i was little, I also love the specialties that are in dentistry, like cosmetics, orthodontist, etc, and the lifestyle of dentist is great for me. Yes, I know there is dental school debt, but I feel like a dentist can pay for it better then a vet would (right?). Any pros or cons of being a dentist? I know I have yet to shadow a dentist, which I was going to do but COVID happened. 

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  • 5 months ago

    Since I moved to the States I cant find a good dentist for the life of me. I would suggest not to only do dentistry but also additionally become a Periodontist. As I learned, over here there are all separate. The dentist does only minor work, then the Periodontist works on gums and implants, and then there is a total different guy that does the root canals (endodontist). which is not good, cause everybody want to make money, and either want to fix the problem themselves, cause they do not want to refer you, or dont know enough about it and cant help you anyways.

    The problem is also that many Periodontists do not have regular dental services, so you have to keep switching. Then they want you to stay with them cause they want to sell more treatments to you. In other words its more about them making money then what you really need.

    I remember in Europe a dentist took care of my braces, to no surprise in the U.S. there is an "orthodontist" here that does nothing but braces all day long. Lets rather say he doesnt really do nothing. Its all the assistants that do all the work.

    If you have the money, time, and interest to open up a place that works on regular dentistry and gums, and implants. And know everything, you will be able to have a high clientele. I would be your first customer.

    Sorry to say, but it is true that the division of these dental precidures here in the States do not help people in a favorable way. In Europe they all do everything and know everything. Except if you become an oral surgeon... thats different.

    But I wouldnt do that either, cause there is enough of them

    I would look into having an office that covers regular cleaning all the way to dentures, root canals, gum surgery, and implants.

    And a note on the cosmetic dentistry. All regular dentists do that now. They're not waiting on you.

  • 5 months ago

    definitely something to get your teeth into

  • 5 months ago

    No, there are lots of dentist and competition is intense. Some dental offices are unprofitable and close. It's not one of the better medical careers to enter.

  • 5 months ago

    What it sounds like is you've already chosen this career and just want some validation. I think you've thought it through, you seem to enjoy the profession and you already know what you're in for--so consider your choice validated. 

    Dentists can make very good money. Better than most veterinarians, and even better than some doctors. Go for it. 

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  • Lauren
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    5 months ago

    The best thing you can do right now is shadow several dentists, understanding that you can't until COVID has calmed down. Ask them what they love/hate about the career. That's the best way to get first hand information regarding if this is a good career for you. The most important thing is if it's a good career for you. Money will mean nothing in the end if you hate being a dentist is my point. So it's important that you get experience and figure out if you like it. The veterinarian is the number one profession in the United States to commit suicide and the dentist is also way up there on the list. So.. Make of that what you will but neither profession is 100% great all the time is my point. I wouldn't automatically say that vets can't pay off their debt. You have to be smart about debt - don't go to a school that is way out of your league debt wise and pick higher paying jobs - higher paying jobs are definitely out there for vets, you just have to look and be willing to sacrifice and some people aren't. Instead they choose to complain. The same is going to be true of being a dentist - your debt won't just be paid off. You will have to work for it and make smart decisions for your life. You can't just buy a new car and a new house six months after graduation and expect to get out of debt quickly. So the pros/cons of being a dentist are unique to you and you only. It's about your dedication to that field. It sounds like you are excited about being a dentist and that's great, so this could definitely be a great career for you. The money thing can work itself out when you make smart choices and figure out what works for you so I wouldn't pick being a dentist purely because you think you will pay the debt off faster. But it sounds like you have some passion for this and that's great! Good luck!

  • 5 months ago

    It's really depressing work. It's really unusual for someone to like going to the dentist. Most patients hate it. There's a very high suicide rate.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    It sounds like you've thought this through pretty well already.

    One thing you haven't factored into the equation, if you're in the USA, is the potential for universal health care or other government regulation of health care, to affect your future profit.   Dentists will never be low-paid, but in the USA there is certainly a risk of political change which may affect how much you can charge, how you get paid, etc. 

  • .
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    5 months ago

    Why not do both?

  • Webbo
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    5 months ago

    Yes, dentists make a lot of money so you should pursue it.

  • Tavy
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    5 months ago

    Vets are highly paid in the UK, a very diverse career, from working in a surgery with small animals to farms to Zoos.

    Being a Dentist is spending your whole life looking into peoples mouths, not exactly varied. So it will depend on your personality.

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