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Electricity question? ?

My electric meter outside is reporting 00131 kwh I am just wondering we are using very little to nothing other than bare essentials this must mean 1.31 kwh right? 

I know our company charges 0.1280 per kw so if it’s not 1.31 then our electricity would be $11,939 per month for a 3 bedroom home.

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    Even when not being used, plugged in appliances or electronics can use wattage. That's why your meter is still running. There's a great product that will tell you exactly what it is that's causing your meter to turn--it's called a Kill-A-Watt. It costs about $25 and it will pinpoint what things may be using electricity. Here's a link for you:

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    Many devices in house still use electricity while in idle, like TV,computer system ( modem,printer,display),phone,devices that are used remote control and clock display etc that using power adapter. About 100W or more power is wasted and running non stop 24 hours per day. Unless you unplug all of them from power outlets completely. then no more electricity is waste.

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    Unless you have a new fangled meter, -

    your meter gives a cumulative number.

    You read on April 24, 2020 and read 131 

    then you read it on 

    May 24, 2020 and it read   135 . 

    then , you used 4 kwh over that time period. 

    Look at one of your previous bills 

    to get an idea of what you paid in the past

    and what the previous reading we're. 

    So unless your neighbor who have 5 greenhouses to 

    grow their marijuana or 

    the factory next door is hooked into 

    your electricity, you will not be using  

    11, 939 per month of electricity.   


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    That is 131 kWh, Not 1.31. 


    Electric and gas meters are never reset to zero; 

    they indicate cumulative consumption, 

    so you need to keep track of previous readings. 


    To calculate your energy use, subtract the last reading from the current reading. 

    Multiply the result by the cost per kWh to get an approximation of your bill. 

    You will Not get the exact results the power company prints on your statement;

    the best you can expect is to be relatively close to that. 


    One kWh is 1,000 watts for one hour 

    or the equivalent energy over a different period of time.  

    How you do it doesn't matter --- it can be 100 watts for ten hours, 

    40 watts for 250 hours, 200 watts for 5 hours,

    333.33333 watts for three hours, etc. 

    Using that much is a lot easier than you might think. 

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    How are you figuring your meter is showing just 1.31kwh? You must have a special meter. Usually you can't tell what your meter has measured as used until your light company produces the bill with the beginning and ending readings. 131 kwh is 131 kwh. Not 1.31. 131x0.1280 comes to $16.78. Not $11,939.

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    It's $0.1280 per kilowatt-hour and the meter difference one month to the next, plus a fixed monthly and taxes.  131kwh is $16.77 from the zero mark whenever that was, or it's 13.1 kWh which is $1.68 for whatever amount of time that is.

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