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Best place to buy over the counter PCC?

Where's the best place to purchase PCC (Penis Cooling Cream)?

I usually buy the 40 litre pack from Star Pharmacy on Westgate Blvd but it's not there any more.

Where do you buy your PCC from?

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    yes I saw the YouTube video of the man that got ghost peppers put on his hands while he was sleeping and got his penis set on fire when he went to take a piss and went to the store and look for penis cooling cream. Noxema see the picture! Is a cooling cream if you happen to get and irritated genital area it provides a nice soothing feeling of cool. You can also get Benadryl cream that has a little bit of menthol in it. Without the embarrassment of going to look for something specifically for your genital areas

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    I don't buy anything of the sort,

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    you could try amazon, they sell everything

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    you could try amazon, they sell everything

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