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Does this sound like dementia or something else?

I'm living with a man in his 80's who is having some issues. He'll constantly walk around the house, and have conservation with people who don't exist. He'll randomly say. "Hey how ya doing, and proceed to have a conversation with a person who isn't there." I've also seen him talking on the phone, which nobody on the other end of the line. Most recently, we were sitting in the kitchen, and out of no where he starts cursing and yelling. At first i didn't know what he was on about. Then he said "Get off the screen". Ummm... what screen? There's no screen in the sitting area of the kitchen. Then he asked me for the remote control so he can fix the TV that doesn't exist. and get aggressively angry when i can't help him fix his imaginary TV. Then he walks around the kitchen seeming confused, and then stumbles, staggers around, and then falls right on his face. It's like somebody just reached in a flipped a switch and his muscles just turned off. He was still able to speak to me, but he couldn't make his muscles work. About 2 mins he started to come around. I got him in the chair, and he's just mumbling random things and then falls asleep. When he wakes up 10 mins later, he looks at me, and you can tell he's trying to recognize me. He didn't right away, you could see that by reading his facial expression. Then we talked a while. Then later i asked him if he remembered anything, and i mentioned the remote control, and he went right back into it. "Did you find it?"


Also for the record, He drinks heavily, and has type 2 diabetes on top of all this, and his doughtier was diagnosed with Schizophrenia a few years ago which they say can be genetic. That's what i'm curious about. Is this behavior consistent with Dementia? Schizophrenia? or something else?  

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    He could have had a stroke. He needs to see a doctor NOW!

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