Why does the Bronx zoo test if Lions can open boxes with meat inside ?

I haven't watched the Bronx "zoo" on animal planet in a while and I'm watching them do a trial thing where they have these lions opening these boxes to get the meat out and if they do it they get a check and if they don't they fail. why is this? What is it about the lions they want to study? 

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    1 month ago
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    Lions are dumbshits really, compared to the leopard. Those experiments that supposedly show lions being smart are bogus. Numbers don't lie. The leopard has a much higher EQ (brain to body mass ratio) than the lion. Humans have the highest EQ of any animal that has ever lived. That is why we are so smart.There are scientists who claim that animals including us are intelligent because they are social, and a bigger brain is needed to deal with other members of the social group. I pointed out a while back that the leopard is not social and it is smarter than the lion. Apparently some of these scientists responded by conducting silly "experiments" that supposedly show lions to be smart. The real reason intelligence evolved is that some animals need that intelligence to find food because they live in habitats that have little food. Humans evolved on the African savanna, where there is little food. To survive we had to be intelligent to find the food we need. We dig tubers (plants like potato and yam) from below the ground because we are smart. Apes are not smart enough to do that. Chimps are smarter than the gorilla because chimps live in habitats that have less food than gorilla habitat. They have to be smarter to hunt monkeys and fish for termites to supplement their diet. The capuchin monkety of South America has also evolved to be real smart, smarter even than the chimp because it too, live in habitats where it has to use its brain to find food. The leopard also need its intelligence to find food since it lives alone and hunting alone is not easy.

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      If EQ were a measure of intelligence, we would be behind some of the small primates.

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    That's a standard intelligence test for animals. Placing the animal in a box that it could get out of by pressing a lever was used until they realized that cats just curled up and went to sleep; they LIKED it in there. You have to be smarter than your subject.

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