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House / Villa very noisy ?

Hello everyone. I’ve been living in my new villa for 4 months now. The villa is 3 2 floors high, has 7 bedrooms, 3 living rooms and a penthouse. Due to the outbreak of covid-19 there are NO curtains installed as companies and shops are closed down. Some necessary furniture is available like chairs, couches, beds small carpets, tables, and thats about it.

I’ve realized that the villa is very very noisy. I mean I’ll be on the 2nd floor and i will hear noise from the kitchen in the ground floor, and it is pretty disturbing that sound can travel all the way up like that. All noise is very clear and can be heard through the house.

Does anyone have any innovative ideas that they know of or tried to stop echoing of noise and to limit sound waves from traveling.



The flooring is also marble. So having big carpets will not be something I’ll be interested in

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  • Cammie
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    2 months ago

    Soft surfaces will help.You can easily order on line.Draperies, carpet [ ?] and furniture.

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  • 2 months ago

    Signs. Just put signs up in every, single room in the house. Good signs, with big red letters so everyone can see them. They could say things like "Hello. Please Be Quiet" and "Please Don't Make Noise. Thank You". Things like that. The idea is, you see, that people will read them and then say to themselves "I'd better be quiet; I don't want to be too noisy". And, as if by magic, you'll have a peaceful and quiet fictional house/villa, with marble flooring and a penthouse. Hope this helped. Honest.

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