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How do you become a private investigator?

I am a 21 year old college student and I have only about a year left in college. I have already received an Associates degree in both criminology and psychology and I am currently majoring in Forensic Behavioral Sciences. Coming closer to graduation, I have been thinking about what I wanted to do once I graduate. I thought of what job I wanted to do and what each job consists of. Throughout this thought process, I have learned that I want to be more of an information gatherer and researcher as opposed to deciding somebody's fate. I want a job where I can gather information, present it to my client (or in court) and say that this is what I found, take it or leave it. Because private investigators tend to be more of an observer, I started considering working for a private investigation firm. The only problem is, I have no law enforcement experience. So I was wondering, how can I go straight into being a private investigator? Also, do private investigators hire interns? Before, I was planning on either trying to get an internship or volunteering at the local police department. I was also thinking about trying to do more ride alongs (I have already done one, before). But it would be better if I could get an internship at a P.I. firm. So how can I become a private investigator without any law enforcement experience?


Also, I am in California.

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    Become a Private Detective through Training and Certification in California 

    It isn’t easy to become a private investigator in California but those who succeed are proud members of a highly trained and respected profession. 

    The steps needed to earn a private investigator’s license in California are as follows: 


    Acquire Stipulated Experience/Education in California 


    Get Fingerprinted in California 


    Obtain, Complete and Submit California Application Packet  


    Take and Pass California’s PI Examination 


    Begin Working as a Licensed PI in California 

    The California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) licenses private investigators in the state. A PI license allows the holder to work independently or manage a private investigative firm. A person can apply for either a private investigator license or a private investigator license with firearm permit.

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    My sister followed this career path, and then worked for 4 years at a nationally known, topnotch investigation firm.  Her degree was in CJ, and her first job out of college was working at a halfway house.  Then she became a probation officer.

    The point to this is that there are several paths to getting there.  If it's easier to get a "related" type job, do this just to get some real world experience.  If you'd rather check into internships, fine but I'd be surprised if this industry has them.  Just google top firms in CA and call.  I do think you'll probably need some related job experience before being hired as a PI at least at a top firm. 

    If it matters, my sister loved being a PI, but it did create a somewhat odd lifestyle.  She had to have her passport on her at all times, she had to have clean changes of clothing in her trunk, and basically be ready to get on a plane at any time.  This didn't happen very often, and at 1st it was fun, but as she got older and got in a serious relationship, she wanted more stability.

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