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My mom's parenting style stunted my growth?

She treated me more like a pet than a human being. She fit every description of indulgent parenting. As I grew up I just couldn't become independent. She never set punishments and there were no routines in the house so I wasted pretty much most of my time. As a child it was awesome not to have responsibilities but as I grew older I could not become independent or move on with my life. I was forever dependent on her, not only physically but also on an emotional level. I was entitled when it came to relationships and i had no idea how to give back and that in itself was hell because I couldn't experience relationships. I never developed a relationship beyond the acquaintance level. I felt ignored for most of my youth probably because of my attitude but I couldn't see my own flaws because that was the way I was raised.

Parents are not doing children favors by bypassing the most difficult part of parenting-setting boundaries and being firm. In fact a parent who doesn't ensure the child has boundaries and routines is setting the child up for failure and is not taking responsibility for the child's emotional growth.

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    Awesome for some maybe, terrifying for others, like a steep staircase with no handarils.

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    lol bruh, sorry to hear that but no pain no gain

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    I'm so vry sorry to hear this trgc thg 

    which happened to you but this dn' 

    qualify as an actual Question so pls ps

    1 instead.


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    Now that you've realized that and know where you need to grow, get growing... you only get to blame your mom for so long before it becomes your responsibility to change.

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    Maybe it's time you grow up and stop blaming your parents for your lack of humanity

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