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Open ballet vs curriculum ballet (e.g. RAD)?

If it's just a local competitive dance studio, do you think using a curriculum could pay off and why?


? - I've only just looked at this, what was the question I 'deleted'?

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? - I've awarded mintchips49 best answer in hopes that you will see this (also because the answer was very good of course), I now remember asking a follow up question however I can't remember what I wanted to know but I think it got removed for some reason but I'm not sure why. I didn't delete it and I was looking forward to everyones reply, not just hers :) And I appreciate you taking the time, I'd love to hear it if you remember?

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     Competition schools are notorious for poor ballet training as they stress tricks and flexibility over proper form. If there are no serious ballet schools near you then RAD would be a better choice over competition school ballet  training. 

    Edit: If you mean a competition school offering graded ballet it’s not likely they would. It takes up too much time and the goals are very different. Even though graded ballet is still recreational ballet training, it is still far better than competition school ballet training. 

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    Personally I think syllabus AND free class are important in any 'local' type of school which is where most children start.   I like syllabus only because it gives a structure and a goal but as the children get older it is important they also do free class per week.  Faults will arise in using only one or the other. 

    ADD.. can I ask why you have already deleted your next question which I took ages to answer to.   I know you asked for mintchip and I'm sure she will answer but I put forward a legitimate reply for you to consider as well.  

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