Is there a website online that has home theater audio professionals with specializing subwoofers worldwide?

I am going through a situation where I’m trying to figure out about what subwoofer i need. I’m a extreme basshead and would like to talk to someone that specializes in all audio companies so i could find the best subwoofer that costs under $2,000 but not under $800. I am a crazy basshead that would like a subwoofer that has the capability to reach atleast 130db SPL and this is with the gain maxed and E.g. The volume on my av reciever turned to -40.0 db is there a website out there, or can you guys suggest the best subwoofer or a few for home theater besides SVS cause i had an SVS SB-4000 that had the capability to go loud but was a monster. What i’m looking for is a small subwoofer that is 12 to 10 inches that has a square enclosure and has a front firing driver and is atleast over 1,000 watts. I’ve been reaserching companies like JL Audio, Velodyne to Bowers and Wilkins and Sunfire. Thanks a lot i would like suggestions 

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    You might try contacting Larry Greenhill of Stereophile Magazine, he does a lot of reviews of  sub-woofers...Also Michael Trei of Sound and Vision fact most of the Writers/ Reviewers @ Sound and Vision should be able to help you or refer you to someone who can...Also Steve Guttenberg formerly of CNet may be able to help you...The brands you mentioned would be the same ones I would recommend. Also I would recommend getting 4 sub-woofers instead of just one ....

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    visit an upscale used audio store,these guys likely will stick with you in answering questions vs the guy at bigbox best buy, when you say you are shopping,most often they bring boxes from stock when the customer decides what he wants,,the smaller guys have great  varieties,some stuff used,speakers woofers older tuners,,bring vinyl of emerson lake and palmer,,the one with the blue bird flapping on a grey//blue background,the last cut lucky man,has a synthsyser generated,,maybe it is the lowest organ pedal note,I purchased a pair of 3wy coax speakers in the early 70s,( 100$ the pair),these were 8 inch  fabric cones,rather large cabinets which I still use w pyle driver 12 in woofers replacing the celestas which burned out many moons ago,

    the guy whom I bought them from  also built a pair of 15 inch 3 wys,,300 bucks the pair,he played the above cut from ELP,and with the last drum strikes,, the whole house shook from the low bass I felt it w/o  'hearing' anything..that was the tightest and lowest bass I ever heard, I HAD TO SETTLE FOR THE SMALLER PAIR, money was the concern,,till I got these pyle drivers back to the house shakin not bad for  DiYs

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    What you are looking for is not available. 



    Never was, never will be. 


  • A $1,000+ to a $2,000 home theater sub is usually over 1,000 watt RMS and that's gonna disturb your neighbor. 7 years ago, I once had a Velodyne 15" home theater sub and my neighbors were PlSS with it.

    The police came to my house and wrote me up for a fine of loud noise. Having a powerful sub that can hit up to 130db will PlSS your neighbors off. They won't enjoy the living life of peace and silence. All they will hear is just the low-end frequency coming from your house.

    I don't know if you have a vehicle and a driver's license. If not, I'd recommend that you get a driver's license and a vehicle. Then you can jump into car audio and design your vehicle into a nice low-end output with a single 12" or a 15" sub.

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