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How to get my mom to dress down? ?

I am a teenager entering high school (with hope that we go back this fall!). I am very proud of my mom. She has done a great job of raising my brother and me. The only thing that really bothers me is that she tends to dress on the very sexy side. Full makeup, jewelry, tight tops, short skirts and high heels. She looks very nice, but I get told a lot by the boys in school that my mom is hot. She stops traffic during school events when she walks down the hallway. When I'm cheerleading and my mom makes an entrance into the gym you can hear her high heels a mile away and the place gets silent while everyone turns to admire her. I've shared my desire with her for her to at least dress down a little when she comes to my school, but my requests have fallen on deaf ears. Maybe I should just accept that's the way she is. But if anyone has any ideas on how to persuade her to change her behavior I'd appreciate it!


Thank you for all the answers. For the record I am a female, as I noticed a few people were asking. I did talk to her again and she told me she appreciates my views but still wants to dress the way she does. She and my father get along well as far as I can tell. The only thing that upsets my dad is how my mother has developed foot problems from her high heels and needs to see a podiatrist. He worries about her health and encourages lower heels, which she won't do. He can't even persuade her! 

Update 2:

We are Latino and it's part of my mom's upbringing to dress sexy. She's always dressed sexy. Her sisters all used to but have become more conservative in their dress as they age. They tell me my mom is the way she is. So I think I'm just going to accept her for the way she is and love her for who she is. I don't see her changing. I don't think she does it for attention or to tease, I think it's just the way she likes to present herself. She dress like this all the time, not just at my school.

Update 3:

I do not think my mother is in danger. What did you mean "anonymous" by that, just so I know? Am I missing something? 

Update 4:

Thanks for the explanation of how she could be in danger. I never considered that. It's scary to think someone would do that to her just because of the she presents herself.  

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    Accepting her the way she is is the best idea. If you can do that, it will not only save you a lot of time and trouble, but it may even give you an advantage in terms of personal development. If you can learn to think of your mother as an independent person whose behavior is not your problem, you'll also be able to think of yourself as an independent person. That's a stage that a lot of people never really reach.

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    Forgive me for saying this, but "dress down" sounds (physically) like undressing to me.  "Dressing up" implies more formality, eg, interview.  I presume you want the latter.

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    Burn all of her clothes. Then she'll have no choice

  • Alan H
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    4 months ago

    The more you tell her not to, the more she will do it

    Better than than dressing like a frump

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  • e9601:
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    Your mother seeks attention from all. She's desperate to try and present herself as "young." Maybe talk to your dad about this and tell him about the comments that you hear about her.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Because she may enjoy sex life in this way . 

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    There was this dad who had a teenage daughter that wore really short shorts and tiny tops. So, he decided to change her mind about how she dressed. He cut his shorts to be really short and wore a small tight top....then went out with her in public.

    Dress like your mom and see what she says.......

    She is feeling her oats, as embarrassing as it may be. Howsoever, I agree with you. She is making a fool of herself arriving at your school dressed like a sex kitten.

    Does she have any siblings or good friends you can confide in who can perhaps talk to her? Her attire is so inappropriate for your school.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    I think you should ask a relative, an uncle or aunt, to talk to her, or report her to the school, they should not allow her in the building, dressed like that. Maybe they can talk to her? I hope you feel better

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    I heard stories about different cultures, Greek,Brazil,Africa, parts of the Middle East, and Asia.  where the fist time a couple has sex is shared with parents, grandparents, the whole family, friends, or the whole village.  Something both parents forget, when thinking of their children, and children forget thinking about their parents, is we are real.  And anything you can think about sex it was already done, by your parents. However, being a sex ed and abuse teacher, for most people talking about sex is hard for teens and parents.  The latest study done, everywhere in America, over 50% of parents have a problem of saying the word sex in front of their children.    You do not want to think of your parents wanting or having sex. And for most parent , once you get a little older 17,18, parent do not want to hear about  their child is having sex.  You are not alone, I was 32 when I fully realized my mom, grandma, and dad, were a man and a woman.  You mom wants to be pretty, feel sexy.  Of course she is smart like you, and caring, respectful, and all the other good qualities we should have, but  Every once in a while everyone wants to feel like sexy. desired.  I am assuming you do not live with your dad.   So your mom is lonely.  She might have put her dating and sexual desires, on hold to care for you and your brother. And she needs some attention.  I would talk to another female adult, about how you feel. How when you mom comes to your school she dresses like she is going out to a night club.  very sexy, and it makes you feel uncomfortable when class mates talk about your mom, in a sexual way.  We both children and parents know each other thinks about sex, but except for being safe, about sex, both protection not to get an STD, or pregnant, and getting info so no one can take advantage of you, or force you to have sex.  We do not want to think about the other having sex. When you ask an  aunt, grandmother, or an adult female friend of your moms.  to talk with her.  Tell them, if it does not look like your mom understands, and willing to dress down, that you would prefer her not come to your school events.  If this does not work, the old standby scream, and yell, make a scene in front of your classmates, how you feel, that she dresses to sexy, like she wants to have sex all the time. That might embarrassed her enough to dress down or not come to your school. Its one thing to dress sexy, another thing to have your child point out to all her classmates she is dressing like she want to have sex. Tell her you do not want her to date any of your teachers, and the only people left is young boys and it would be illegal to have sex with them.  Just the suggestion that your mom might be dressing sexy for the young boys, should make her feel uncomfortable, to change or not come back at least for a while. Good luck. 

  • 4 months ago

    You're not going to change your mom's mind about the way she likes to dress. Either you live with it, or you ask her to do it differently, but if she refuses, then there isn't much you can do. I don't know why you would be embarrassed to think people were admiring your mother's looks. That's complimentary. Not embarrassing. Think how you would feel if she came to your school smelling of alcohol, or body odor, or with unwashed hair, or in rags. Which is better? 

  • Trish
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    4 months ago

    See how she reacts to pictures of herself.

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