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 Can you give me details on a particular hailstorm, thunderstorm or tornado which hit on a certain date?

Or can you tell me about hail or wind damage for the last 20 years in a certain place?

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    I can tell you of one that stands out-

    It was 1993, I was 8 at the time and we were up at my grandparents cottage for a few 

    weeks in the summer. The day started off clear, then all of a sudden mid afternoon the skies went from blue to pitch black in a matter of seconds, I never seen anything like that in my life and still nothing comes close. The thunder and lightning was intense, we turned on the radio, and there was a tornado warning issued for the area, well we were **** out of luck because we didn't have a basement, and all the cottage was surronded by windows. The winds went over 100km an hour, it took tree limbs and literally wrapped them around the tree itself, the apple tree by the deck got sliced in half due to a lightning strike. The power flickered, but surprisingly, it didn't go out for more than a minute, which is incredible given the amount of thick/heavy trees around! The storm lasted maybe 20 minutes, but it felt like you were going blind folded through a car wash/mixed in with a bowling alley! The damage consisted of tree limbs being shattered, flooding on the roads, and there was a tornado that did touch down about 20 mins from us that wiped out the village nearby.

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