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Why are atmospheric carbon dioxide levels lower on earth than venus?

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    The quick and simple answer is water.  Water plus carbon dioxide makes carbonic acid, which reacts with silicate rock to make carbonate minerals.  The carbon on earth has been stored in the crust as carbonate sediments.  Absent water, silicate rock won't react to make carbonate salts, and the CO2 stays in the atmosphere.

    Venus has a way denser atmosphere (more gas mass) than earth, and that isn't a CO2+water chemistry issue.  A better example of how absence of water leads to carbon build-up in the atmosphere is Mars.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    We have plants, oceans, rock cycle, and a reliable system of plate tectonics.

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    Firstly there is no Plants or Seas on Venus to Absorb Carbon Dioxide

     Venus has an almighty Gash in its Crust that Spews out its Guts

    Pumping out Lava and Greenhouse Gases including Carbon Dioxide

    It is Global Warming gone Ballistic

     Any water present is in its clouds and falls as Acid Rain

     The heat on its Surface is over 400 C and the Pressure would crush a Coke Tin

     Before Space Probes it was thought that Venus had Lush Forests and maybe even Dinosaurs !!

    Because of its closeness and similarity in size to Earth

    But now it is known as Earth's Evil Twin

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    Source(s): Only true surface photo of Venus, The Russian Venera Lander, Lander lasted four minutes
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    Different processes absorb CO2 - plants, the ocean, etc.

    No plants or oceans on Venus.

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