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How Do We Really Know That Major League Baseball Is Honest?

There was the 1919 Black Sox gambling scandal.  Lately, Pete Rose admitted to betting on games, and some people are so untroubled by that they think he should be admitted to the Hall of Fame.

Then we have situations like 1968, when it was perfectly obvious that Denny McLain threw a soft pitch so that Mickey Mantle could have a home run at his last time at bat.

There are players who have been caught using steroids or other illegal or inappropriate drugs.

For all we know, they could still be gambling, using drugs, and intentionally muffing plays to affect the outcome of the game.  What assurance do we have that Major League Baseball is honest?


Correction:  See "Mickey Mantle: The Denny McLain Gift Home Run #535."  It was Mickey Mantle's last time at bat in Detroit.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    What if every pro sport is scripted like WWE? That means every fan is nothing but a stupid sucker.

    We need to boycott pro sports now!

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  • David
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    1 month ago

    Baseball did not participate in either the Black Sox scandal OR Pete Rose's gambling which we all knew about 30 years ago. Mantle's last time at bat wasn't against the Tigers, and even if McLain threw him an easy pitch to hit, the Yankees still lost by four. And he came right back in the next game against Jim Lonborg with a double and a home run. Yankees lost that one, too. There will probably always be cheaters with drugs, etc. But baseball may very well be the cleanest professional sport of all.

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