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Outbound traffic detected warning, “someone else is using this pc”?

I was downloading an app called “runelite” on my Lenovo windows computer but right after download I got a message from my norton antivirus that says outbound traffic detected, I did a scan which says everything is fine, I tried power eraser which says everything is fine but when I go to shut down I get a message saying “someone else is using this pc, any unsaved progress could be affected”

Does this mean I have a virus? What do I do?

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    No, it does not mean that you have a virus or have been hacked. Most Windows programs are designed so that they install using a build in ID/user called "TrustedInstaller". That ID has rights to do things that regular users do not. If the install of the new app did not close out that ID you could get a message like that.

    go down to the Task Bar at the bottom of the Windows Desktop (down where the start button and the clock are.)

    Right click on the Task Bar

    Select Task Manager from the menu that appears

    Go to the User tab in the task manager

    You will be able to see the IDs of anyone locked into your computer

    If you have been hacked or there is a virus that is running as a user on the PC, you will be able to see them listed there.

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  • 2 months ago

    You have to remember that anything you're doing on your computer is going back and forth to your Microsoft cloud or your iCloud or any other cloud that you happen to have installed. And you'll get such a message anytime you install or uninstall something it must also uninstall or install app on your cloud. Unless you're using your cloud uninstall it or disable it. It'll make your computer faster and more secure. don't count on online storage to backup your files where everybody and his brother can look at them if they want to! Instead take your own portable hard drive and make your full system image on your external hard drive that way if something goes bad you can restore everything on your computer to its exact state in 20 minutes

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