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What stage is this population pyramid in and why (explain and describe please)?

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    This pyramid is in the double "pig in the python" stage.

    It shows the post war "Boomer" generation numbers rising most steeply starting at least 74 years ago (end of WW2), peaking 20 years later, then slowly declining as birth control devices came widely available.

    A second bulge appears as the "Boomer" generation have children.  It is not as extremely steep as the first bulge because of the birth control options.

    Those born in that second bulge have children, but at a reduced rate compared to generations before, because of active choices about child bearing, women working, economics, influx of immigrants.

    There is a slightly larger number of females, especially in the higher age years because of health effects on males.

    Source(s): Economics degree, which included market dynamics due to age demographics.
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  • vaklas
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    On the vertical axis you have the age bands for the population whereas the horizontal axis is split in half. The blue side shows males per age band as percentage of the total population, whereas the red side shows the respective values for females. 

    If I want to see how many males there are approximately the same age as me (I am a 27 year old male) I multiply  the total population with the percentage of males aged 25-29 and I get approximately 1,384,208 males with aproximately same age as me.

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