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need help buying a printer for my mom?

im helping my mom buy a printer but i have no idea what kind to get. she needs an all in one printing, scan, fax, and one that doesnt have expensive ink. and something thats easy to use, she can just barely use her computer lol any sugguestions?

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    inexpensive printing means laser printer [black only]. far cheaper per page than color.

    I've done well with Samsung and Brother machines such as you describe.

    note that faxing is all but obsolete. and it still is a standard all in one machine feature

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    i like canon can you you suggest one model for me.  I want to buy the printer for my mom.  i want it to prin black and color

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    you want a good printer prints and scans to the computer get a Kodak I have one and still works. Infected it's my second Kodak printer because i had windows 10 and the old one didn't work with windows 10. but Kodak is a good camera and printer. HP just sucks.

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    An all-in-one laser printer is a better choice. I've had many ink-jet color printers and when it came to replace the ink it cost almost, if not more than, the cost of the entire printer. And if you don't use it often the ink will dry up before you can use it.

     Plus ink print is water soluble. Laser print is permanent.

     Unless she wants to print in color/photos the best/cheapest way is laser.

     You pay more but you CAN get a color laser printer.

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    I imagine she doesn't need to print a lot so I'd suggest you get her an conventional all-in-one machine that prints, copies and scans. Get a spare set of refills while you're at it. Show her how to use it. Fax is rarely used these days, email has overwhelmed it.

    The ink isn't cheap but I'd think the ease of use outweighs that for your mom.

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    You might want to take a look at the Epson Eco-tank printers. They don't use the very expensive ink cartridges, but rather tanks that are filled from bottles (which come with the printer). The inks are supposed to last a long time—more than enough for a basic user. Also these printers come with scanner/copiers built in. I don't think there are any that include faxing. Some of the other manufacturers (Canon and Brother) have come out with similar machines, but Epson is the first.

    Source(s): I use an Epson ET-2750.
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    You lost me @ " one that doesn't have expensive ink" because that is where they make their $$$ unless you use after market ink cartridges (which are "hit or miss" for quality) or find one with re-fillable reservoirs and then you have to weigh convenience over cost.

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    Most inkjet manufacturers sell printers at or below cost, they make their money on the ink which is expensive. If she does a lot of printing you could either go for a laser printer which are expensive to buy but cheap to run or get an inkjet that uses refillable ink tanks. You also haven't specified your country but I would guess the US, nor have you specified a price range.

    Additionally you have specified a multifunction printer - by it's nature these are not the easiest to operate

    Go for the major brands - Canon, Brother, HP, Epson you need to be looking at multifunction printers that include a fax

    Look on Amazon and then go and look at independent reviews

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