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Anyone else think Mediterranean chicken is bland compared to Mexican chicken?

Meditterisn chicken is basically only lemon juice olive garlic and some Italian seasoning.

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  • If you think about it, Hispanic and Indian cuisine are very spice heavy. In some dishes you can have as many as 10 different spices for a very complex flavor. Mediterranean and many other European cuisines focus more on a few herbs since those were most available to them due to imperialism and prosperity. I’ve had some good Mediterranean roast chicken before, and I’ve had some bad. Depends on the preparer

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  • kswck2
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    2 months ago

    Mediterranean Chicken uses more seasonings than Mexican chicken (in a broad sense). The uses of lemon and herbs can either make a tasty dish or overpower the dish. Mexican chicken(if I am understanding your question), would normally include a lot of tomato sauce, and heavy spices, effectively drowning the chicken with a sauce that overpowers the delicateness of the meat itself. Personally, I only use a tomato based product for chicken in Italian cooking, like a Chicken Parm. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Here are the countries who are on the Mediterranean and who have Mediterranean cuisine:

    France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal,Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia on the south.

    I guarantee you that LOTS of Mediterranean chicken has ZERO Italian seasoning and it all certainly isn't prepared in the manner in which you described. 

    All Mexican chicken isn't prepared in the same way, either.   Mexico is a big country and there are lots of regional customs just like there are in other countries.

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  • Please define Mediterranean chicken and Mexican chicken. Just for mole in Mexico there are 7 basics and probably hundreds of variations. There are slow-cooked and fire-roasted and fried and baked and all the regional flavors and seasoning and spices and accompaniments. There are about 20 countries in the Mediterranean. So hundreds of regional chicken preparations there too.

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