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Could I be pregnant, with four BFNs? (details)?

I've wanted to find some answers about this for a long time but due to covid lockdown I can't go and see my doctor. So here is my story, and I hope somebody can help. All info written here is relevant information 

I'm 26 years old, I've never been pregnant before and my periods have sometimes been irregular but on the main they've been consistent each month with a slightly longer than average cycle of 35-37 days most months. 

I have also smoked everyday now for about 8 years, about 10-12 cigarettes a day and I also smoke marijuana daily as self medication for my anxiety 

(no judgement please, I am aware this is a terrible habit and I am trying to quit because I want to be a mother one day, if it turns out I am in fact pregnant now then all smoking habits will be stopped instantly)

I am on Cycle Day 50 at the moment, my last period was 2nd April-5th April fairly light. My periods used to be normal and heavy but now it varies and I do often have a more lighter bleed from start to end with no heaviness or clots at all. I have been anxious for a while about being infertile. I took an ovulation test in February however around the date my period tracker said I was fertile - and it came up positive so this leads me to believe I ovulate normally. I have always been fairly thin, struggling to maintain a healthy weight since I was a teenager however I'm not anorexic and my BMI has only ever been one or two points below healthy for my height (5''8)


More information in first comment please read the first comment on this post! 

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    2 months ago

    Have you had sex?  If so, when?  Are you on birth control?  While birth control is not 100% effective, it significantly reduces your chances.


    When did you last take a pregnancy test?  If it's been more than say 30 days since you had sex and haven't had a period and are getting negatives on home pregnancy tests, I would say you are not pregnant.


    It's a little hard to understand what you are asking other than from what is in the title of your post.

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  • 2 months ago

    If it is more than 14 days since sex then the tests are correct and some other problem, Good Luck

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