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Are salt and sodium the same thing ?

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    please help me on my questions 

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  • A
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    2 months ago

    Salt is NaCl which is sodium chloride

    Sodium is NA which is just sodium, by itself it is a volatile element, bonded with chloride it is table salt.

    When we tell people to reduce salt use to lower sodium i is because it is a component of table salt

  • david
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    2 months ago

    No they are NOT the same, unfortunately many medical people, including doctors talk about them as if they are the same.

       Real sodium is a metal .. You knw that iron rusts slowly.  That is a chemical reaction.  Sodium is a much more active metal and reacts violently with oxygen .. much like iron rusting just about 100,000 times faster.  Pure sodium must be stored in a sealed container filled with something like kerosene to keep air  with both oxygen and water vapor away from the metal or it reacts very quickly with them.  Yu cannot eat sodium.. If yu could stand the intense pain, it would react with water in your mouth causing severe chemical burns,  If you could manage to swallow some it would probably never reach your stomach, but would react with the liquids in your throat and esophagus .. maybe even eating thru them causing more burns and internal bleeding .. leading to death

      = = = =  when medical people mention sodium they are really talking about sodium ions .. where the metal has already reacted an lost all that chemical energy.  Sodium ions in limite amounts will not kill you.  Table salt is sodium chloride.  It contains equal amounts of 2 ions .. the sodium ions and chloride ions.  Some people use too much salt which can lead to high blood pressure and death, but that takes 40 or 50 years .. it is not the instant violent death that trying to eat pure sodium would cause.

      ....  Doctors do not expect people to know that there is any difference, so they just refer to the sodium ions as sodium.

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  • 2 months ago

    No, they are similar although not the same. Sodium is a metal that is toxic to humans, and extremely reactive- it will react violently with water and give off flammable gas. Sodium chloride is table salt, which is not toxic to humans if taken in moderate amounts. Sodium chloride is not a metal nor is it extremely reactive. They are two very different things.

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