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Best ways to clear up stains off carpet?

How to clear up excrement from my carpet.

Its like a sea of sh!t everywhere.


I already called the 24hr call out cleaners they said the sea of excrement would be too much for the equipment. Will detol spray clean it all up it's too much

Update 2:

It's a luiquid sea of **** everywhere over the carpet. my friend accidentaslyy dropped it on there way out and its a mess

Update 3:

plS helP mE

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  • Lance
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    Rent a carpet shampooer from your local grocery store; many have them for rental, be sure to buy enough carpet cleaning fluid, to do the job.Get the kind made for pet odors or the most powerful one available...Follow the directions on the machine and the bottle of carpet cleaning fluid. Read both twice or until you fully understand the process...Shampoo the entire carpet according to directions ...Rinse and clean out the machine reload it with a batch of fresh cleaner and do it again...

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