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How to overhand serve a volleyball? Tips and tricks?

I’ve been trying to overhand serve for the past 3 years. I’m trying out for a volleyball team in a couple of months and I’m scared that I’m not strong enough to hit the volleyball to make it over. I’ve only made a volleyball go over like once. Does anyone have any tips? I think it’s a strength issue, or maybe my arm isn’t stiff enough and it’s kind of like noodle arm when I hit? I think I’m hitting it high, it just doesn’t go very far, let alone over the net. I hope that I improve, ive been practicing every week. The past 2 years I would just practice before tryouts and then do underhand. Any tips or advice will be taken! Thank you!

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    I doubt its a strength issue.  It doesn't take a ton of strength to serve overhand at all - it's about technique.

    The force should not come all from your arm - you step into the serve so the strength comes from your core. Assuming your right handed - put your left foot forward and your right foot back.  You'll start with the weight on your back foot (and shift your weight forward when you swing.)

    Hold the ball in your left hand and put your right hand on top of the ball at about the level of your chin.  Then pull your right hand back by your ear sort of like if you were shooting a bow and arrow.  You do want to keep your wrist and arm strong.  

    Toss the ball up with your left hand.  It should go straight up (not in front of you or behind you).  And make sure it goes high enough (over your head) but not too high. You may want to just practice tossing the ball up to get the feel of what's the right height for you. 

    Keep your elbow up.  The hit should progress from the shoulder, then elbow, then wrist. Until you contact the ball, your elbow should never be below ear-level. Your right arm should be fully extended when you hit the ball. 

    As you hit your weight forward and then hit from slightly underneath the ball.  And follow-through - swing the arm through and take a step forward.

    It takes time and practice.  It might also help to watch some training videos.  There are several online.

    Good luck.

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    You haven't been trying for 3 years because I'm not even very athletic and it's something I learned in less than an afternoon.  If you want to learn how to do it, you just have to get off your butt and go practice doing it for a couple of hours.  After that, it won't be about how to do it but how to do it better.  Your problem is you go back and forth between usually not trying to at all and sometimes trying it just once and then immediately giving up when it doesn't go over because you can't cope with failure.

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