Is English used as a common working language in the UAE & Kuwait? In the field in Finance and business administration?

I really want a chance to live and work in the UAE and Kuwait especially Dubai but right now I feel my that my Arabic is not at the business level yet. I hear that they use English in the UAE as a working language and that the English language is used in business in Kuwait. Hopefully, I will get a chance to immerse myself in Arabic there.

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  • Jason
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    3 months ago

    Yes, English is the working language in Dubai. Please check the web sites below and apply online, they may give you the salary scales also. This is in ascending order considering number of jobs advertised, so try most in the once at the top / / / /Alfuttaim careers /,

    Also try to improve your connections through linkedin, which I feel one of the best ways to land a job. When a job is advertised anywhere, through linked you can SEARCH THE TOP HEADS OF THAT COMPANY AND CONTACT THEM DIRECTLY

    Also since these days everybody apply through the web personal delivery of the CVs also a good option (If you come here)

    For freelancer jobs you could try, or,

    You can try an employment agent in your country also but try only a trusted one

    Also search the web for list of companies in your industry (Eg: If you are a civil engineer get a list of construction companies in UAE, Doctor - Hospitals in UAE, Teacher – Schools in UAE) go to their web sites, go to careers or contacts and apply directly

    Best of luck!!!

  • 3 months ago

    Yes, English is the business language for the UAE. It is a little less common for Kuwait but almost everyone you meet who isn't Kuwaiti will speak English.

    Source(s): Many visits to both countries.
  • 3 months ago

    anything is possible

  • Pearl
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    3 months ago

    i would go there for a visit and see

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