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What is the most affordable method to ship belongings to another state?


We are moving from California to Wisconsin and we want to take some more expensive stuff like a mattress, TVs... In addition to clothes. We also have an older car that we bought for $4000 that we were wondering if we should ship or just sell with us. 

What would be the most affordable way to ship these items? Is it possible to ship our car with our belongings inside? Would using a shipping company like UPS a better option? Are we better off paying for extra bags at the airline?

Thank you in advance!

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    You can rent a moving truck from UHaul and tow your car behind it.  That would probably be the cheapest and easiest, but perhaps not the fastest, way.

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    I shipped a vehicle with most of my stuff in it. The other stuff I shipped in a few big boxes (i think I did USPS but it may have been UPS). I didn't have any large furniture. That is what I figured out would be cheapest for me.

    Generally you are not better off paying extra for bags at the airlines. A 3rd bag on United will cost you $150 and 50lb max

    Note that if you ship your TV it will probably break and you likely will not be able to insure it.

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    You may has well just rent a uhaul and a car trailer.  If you only have enough stuff to fit in the car but not enough room to actually drive the car, then you might look into   You put up what you have to ship, when you want it done and people bid on it.  

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    I think I did the best when I sent things via truck freight, not a moving van. For the car, you might be able to hire someone to drive it. You get the car moved and they get free transportation to WI. (You pay the gasoline bills when you get the car back.)

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    A moving van would be cheapest, rent a trailer for the car [cheap] or send it on a train autorack.

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