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I feel like the 2014 World Cup has the potential of being the best World Cup had these players played? ?

Brazil in my opinion needed Coutinho instead of Hulk. Thiago Silva and Neymar missing also made it easier for Germany to beat them

Italy needed Giuseppe Rossi to help out Balotelli but he got injured 10 months ago. They also needed  Montolivo in the midfield.

Suarez shouldn’t had bitten Chellini there was no need in doing that. Uruguay is the type of team that you need both Suarez and Cavanni to make it work. 

France needed Ribery he had a great season in Bayern Munich 

Colombia needed Radamel Falcao 

Usa needed Donovan 

Mexico needed Vela 

Netherlands needed Strootman 

It was a good World Cup after all but it could have been better 


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    Neymar was badly and unfairly challenged, I can't remember his injury. Was it not his back ?  Zuniga's knee to Neymars back in that Quarter Final ?

    That was a bad challenge, it was assault I remember.  After Neymar got injured Brazil were not the same.

    But the 2014 world cup was great I thought.  There were PLENTY of stars world football in that year wtf are you talking about,  of course every four years some retire and certain players have peaked etc

    that happens all the time.  2014 was better than 2010, 2010 better than 2006 , 2006 better than 2002 and so on on.

    failed to get your point mate.

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