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How do I keep my cat indoors when she is so adamant on exploring outside?

My cat will be turning 2 this month and I've had her since she was 3 months old. She has always been an indoor cat, but recently she's been running out the door. She doesn't get far, I bring her in right away, but she's ran outside about a dozen times. She's recently been coming into my room just to look out the window, go through the blinds, and climb the screen which I'm scared she'll push out. I have no other pets and I play with her all the time. She's young, really playful and likes to run around, and she's very nosy and curious. She might benefit from having a friend but she likes to play a lot and jump on them since she's just so active. At least that's what she did with our older cat, but we had to put that cat down a few months ago. The complex I live in is safe and has a big field of grass where neighborhood cats are seen. But the street nearby is pretty dangerous and it's next to a busy highway, only divided by a fence with holes everywhere. If she went outside I know she'd explore too far. Also I just got rid of her fleas a few months ago and I really don't want her catching more outside :( My friend has an outdoor cat in her neighborhood that just had 4 babies last week, I was thinking of adopting one in a few months once they all get older, so maybe the kitten and my young cat could be friends, but my parents just won't budge since I might be leaving for university this fall. And I can understand that, but I just don't want my cat being depressed or running out.

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    Get a cat tree, some potted cat grass, and play with her more to wear her out.

    Dont get a catio..  That only encourages her to want to go out.

    Get her spayed if you havent dont that already.  All cats should be spayed and neutered anyways

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    Build her a catio which attaches to your window or door, which means she will be able to get safe outdoor time in your garden but she won't be able to wander off because the catio is a secure outdoor enclosure which will keep her contained in your garden and house, which is what you want.

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    Be careful when leaving the house. We have to do this with one of my moms cats that likes to be in the garage. I always open the door slowly and see if hes there. If he is I pick him up and enter the house. If I don't see him I quickly go inside and shut the door. When leaving I will have someone else hold him while I leave or if I am alone I just pick him up, go in the garage, close the door most of the way, put him inside and close the door. 

    Does she have things to do inside? Cats need cat trees and/or shelving and toys to play with. Boxes, paper bags, tunnels, small toys to bat around etc. I think they sell cat proof window screens. 

    You can bring her outside on a harness or build an outdoor enclosure. 

  • Maxi
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    Build a secure enclousure outside for her, so you know she is safe but she can enjoy being outside....... I have an indoor only cat and she has a secure enclosure outside and loves it

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