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Training my hair.. Advice?!?

I am using quarentine to try and train my hair into needing to be washed less often. I have long, fine, naturally blondey brown hair that gets greasy incredibly fast to the extent where I'd wash it daily.

I looked into converting to shampoo bars in oppose to chemical shampoos, but after finding out that bars don't react well with hard water and I am too low maintenance to go this route in a way that would make it work. I have decided my goal is to wash my hair with sulphate free shampoo much less often than I am having to wash it now.

Therefore I am trying the no-poo method of not washing my hair with chemicals and have done 3 weeks of this. I am stuck on where to go next as I have little to no knowledge on how my hair would actually benefit. 

I am stuck between carrying on the no-poo method for as long as possible to see if I notice results (it is currently just incredibly greasy) then shampooing it when quarantine ends, hoping that it will now naturally need less consistent washing - or washing it with my new shampoo now and wash it with this every other week to seek improvement this way.

Or any suggestions that would be better is much appreciated!!

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    A few thoughts based on my own experience:

    Use cool water on your scalp.  It doesn't need to be cold but it shouldn't be hot.  If the water is too hot your scalp will make more oil to protect itself.

    Make sure you really clean your scalp when you wash your hair or you run the risk of getting a fungal infection or at least a lingering whiff of mildew about your person that you can't easily find the source of.  Hint, it's your scalp!  The tricky bit is not to scratch your scalp by rubbing too hard.  I've found a rubber scalp massager to be wonderful.  My hair stays grease-free for much longer compared to using my fingers and it's so easy to use that it's no trouble for a lazy person to add to their routine.  Also, I don't get that "crawling" feeling anymore.

    Make sure you drink enough water/ don't drink too much caffeine.  When you're dehydrated the skin, including your scalp, makes more oil.  Staying well hydrated makes a difference.

  • If you're seeing some improvement then go with washing it with your hair with your new shampoo. 

    My hair gets greasy quickly as well, plus I have a job (I'm an essential worker) that makes my hair sweaty. I can't go more then a day or two with out having to wash my hair, or it gets smelly and greasy.

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    i've gone 8 days without washing my hair. i just put it up in a bun or ponytail

    use dry shampoo to get you thru the week

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