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Would you live on a 30ft - 35ft power boat, or sailboat?


I want to live on a boat, and I am planning on buying one. I just don't know what type of boat to buy. I been on a couple of boats before just to take a ride. I have my boat license, and maybe a decent amount of knowledge of boats.

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    Our family of 4 lived on our 32 foot sailboat for 5 months one year.  In a great marina and a great location is was wonderful.  If you love boats,  go for it.   But,  living on a boat ain't like being in an RV or a hotel.   You either learn to maintain and fix things yourself,  or it will end up being far more expensive than staying in a luxury hotel.

  • 6 months ago

    There are some fundamental problems with living aboard. 

    A. A typical slip costs as much as an apartment in a lot of places. 

    B. Most pleasure boats are not properly insulated. Fibreglass does not breathe at all. Some high end cruising boat might have nice dorade boxes, or otherwise well thought out HVAC. The average cheap boat-you are essentially living in a bleach bottle. 

    C. Most pleasure boats do not have good enough ventilation for everyday life. If your hatches are closed to try to keep the heat in, every single shower or pot of pasta will fog up your living space. Weekend boaters are just as likely have dinner in a seaside restaurant or have a BBQ, as actually use the galley with the hatches closed. Similarly, even boaters with a nice shower onboard will often use a marina shower. 

    D. The plumbing, etc. on a typical pleasure boat is designed for a weekend, or maybe a week onboard. Once you move in, expect to have ongoing issues a weekend boater would never notice or cause. Every shower you take, every crap you make....will use water that came through a one inch garden hose. 

    E. People move aboard with the expectation that they will still be using their boat as a boat when it is not a home. Once they move all their junk aboard and so on....the boat seldom leaves the dock. 

    This is not to say not to do this. Just do not expect it to be bowl of cherries. 

  • 6 months ago

    Not if I could live in a house or condo. Boats and ships of any size never stop moving and are subject to brutal storms that will make you regret ever thinking it would be "fun".

  • Ron
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    6 months ago

    No I would not             

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  • Scott
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    6 months ago

    No. I live in the desert.

  • Rick B
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    6 months ago

    No I would not...

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