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Why would a parent put their child through such painful things?

I was just accepted to a few universities, I'm in my senior year of high school, and I was thinking about this just now. I have to write a letter stating that my parents don't live with me, and I'm including the time my dad told me he was going to put me in foster care. I remember him telling me that him and his siblings were in foster care once and how much it sucked, so why would he want to do that to his own kid? I mean maybe he's just really messed up. He forced my mom and grandparents to go to court so he could get full custody of me and make my family miserable since my mom didn't want to get together with him again. I want to believe he can be a nice person since he's my dad but with all the ridiculous things he's done to me and my family, I just don't think he is lol. But even if he is a sucky person, he can just leave his 2 kids like nothing? How do people even do that? Just pick up from a new state and start a whole new life and make a new family? I don't get it. I'm just wondering why or how a parent can just leave their own kid or torture them, abuse them, tell them no one loves them, etc. 

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    they probably learned that from their own parents

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    Universities don't want a sob story from you about how you've been emotionally abused and come from a broken home. Mother not allowed to have custody and father taking you on and then walking out on you. That is your personal situation and nobody's business but your own. They want to know where you live. You write a letter telling them you live alone or with your brother or whoever it is you live with now and if you have to you can say your parents are divorced and you all live separately and that you'll need accommodation when you get to Uni. This is business and it shouldn't be clouded by personal stuff. As for the personal stuff, you've had a rotten time and it's damaged you and you have a lot of residual anger about it. That's reasonable, if upsetting. To help you get over this and move on properly, you need some counselling. You could see your doctor and see if you can get some free or cheaply as you are still a student. Don't carry this hatred of your father around with you all your life. By the sound of it he's not worth it and you'd do better getting rid of this ancient baggage dragging you back from a new and interesting future. good luck

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