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What is a jack o lantern?

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    It's an orange round pumpkin, usually hollowed out, and carved with a scary face,   and then you put a candle inside to make it glow at night  .

    The idea is to leave it outside your front door, to scare away the evil spirits  that circulate on  All Hallowed  Eve . 

    The evening, before ALL SAINTS DAY--when the saints come out and scare away ALL the evil spirits. 

    Halloween , is a bastardization  of  

    All Hallowed  Evening. 

    which become All Hallowed Ev'ing.....

    then  just Hallowed Ev'in 

    then just Hallow Eve'n

    and eventually,  just  jumbled together to make Halloween. ---virtually losing the original meaning. 

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    POst in "Words and Wordplay" not here please.

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    A pumpkin carved with a (typically) scary face, done during the Halloween season.

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