Is buying a used plow trucks okay for personal use?

I am looking to buy a truck to pull a horse trailer on the weekends. 

I need at least a 2500 4x4. I don’t mind a gas truck, but I would want it to have low mileage if it is gas. All of the trucks I can find that I like the looks of are used snow plow trucks. They are nice looking truck and are cheep with low mileage. 

What’s wrong with them that causes them to be up for sale at a low cost?

I don’t want to buy something that has been damaged or is going to break down when I’ve got my horses in the trailer. But none of them seem destroyed. I’ve emailed sales lots for the vehicle reports, but I don’t think they have ever sent me one but they will want to send me videos or something else (which makes me think they have bad reports), but sometimes the trucks have already been sold? Am I missing out on a good deal or are these trucks usually a rip off? 


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    6 months ago
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    Plowing snow puts a great deal of wear and strain on the suspension, and drivetrain , they might be low miles but they are hard miles

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    6 months ago

    < I am looking to buy a truck to pull a horse trailer on the weekends.  >


    If the number of miles is limited, i wouldn't focus on mileage.  Now, if you are driving from one state to another on the weekend, mileage may be very important.  Estimate how many miles you will drive and then how much gasoline versus diesel you will use adn the cost difference in fuel versus cost difference in the two types of trucks.

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    Plowing beats the **** out of trucks in more ways then one. Expect issues and rust.

  • 6 months ago

    As a condition of sale, bring it to a mechanic to have them check it out. Personally, I would avoid Dodges/Ram.

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