Jackie asked in PetsReptiles · 6 months ago

Male and Female Ball Pythons cohabbed since birth?

Hi, I was given two ball pythons today, a male and female. Apparently they have been cohabbed since birth, and have never bred. Normally I would keep bps separate regardless of gender for safety, but being that these two have been together for 6 years, should I keep them together? Will it stress them out to separate them?

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    They would not be stressed if separated. Snakes do not need company to make them feel good. Keeping them separate will help prevent one from accidentally swallowing another, which can happen if both of them seize the same food item and start swallowing. One can end up swallowing the other. Keeping two males together would stress them because they do fight each other for the right to mate during the mating season. The fights are ritualistic however, as they try to push each other with their bodies instead of biting each other.

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