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(UK) If you are 22, lost your job due to coronavirus, moved back to your parents house, can you claim benefits just until lockdown?

This has recently happened to my friend and I feel so bad for her. The company she was working for is a small company that's been around for only a year. They had to let go many of their staff including her. What type of benefits can she get? She said she only wants something until we are out of lockdown then she will take whatever is out there.


@Matt, she has £20,000 in savings. can she still get something?

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  • Matt
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    4 months ago
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    If she was made redundant, she can claim universal credit. Tell her to get her claim in as soon as possible. If she was furloughed by her employer, she can claim 80% of her salary from the government. 

  • martin
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    4 months ago

    Your friend has the kind of attitude the government likes. Part of accepting temporary money after a lay-off is the promise to keep looking for new work.

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