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What are some good fun horse clinics I could do? Just for fun and experience! ?

I’m sure most horse clinics are on hold while everything is shut down for COVID. 

I’ve been riding western for 18 years. I have a five year old quarter horse that is my main horse right now. He’s mostly for for pleasure and trail ridding. I haven’t had him for to long and I’ve been mostly focusing on fixing some holes in his foundation training since I got him. He’s really smart and somewhat sensitive, but he has a good head about him. I think he would do well being exposed to more things and was think that maybe some clinics would be good?He isn’t neck rained, but I’m hoping to change that, and I’ve got him to the point where he moves off of leg pressure really well. Anyone have any ideas of a fun clinic that would be good for a youngish horse that’s sill learning? Or a specific trainer to check out their clinic lists? It wouldn’t be till after the main part of summer that I could go to any (if they are running by then).I don’t plan on using him for any serious events, but for fun and for my work I would like to try getting him into sorting cows or maybe team roping eventually. He’s good around cows, and he will let me rope the dummy off him, but we’re not working with cows yet, and I wanted to get him neck rained first. I’m on the west side of Va. and I’m hoping to not break the bank on this. I was think maybe between $200 and maybe $700 if it a the right clinic. I also wouldn’t mind going and just observing if it’s pricy but a good clinicAny ideas for fun western clinics?

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    You/he might enjoy a Cowboy Dressage clinic.

    If aren't familiar with Cowboy Dressage, there's lots of stuff on You Tube.

    Yes, in-person clinics are probably postponed for the time being. 

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