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A asked in Science & MathematicsPhysics · 2 months ago

Abdulla saad?

A 50.0-g copper calorimeter contains 240 g of water at 20.0°C. How much steam at 100°C must be condensed into the water if the final temperature of the system is to reach 60.0°C?

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  • NCS
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    2 months ago

    Welcome to Yahoo!Answers.

    The answer depends on what you take as the specific heat of water and copper, and the heat of vaporization of water.

    I'll use

    spec heat copper c = 0.385 J/g·ºC

    spec heat water c = 4.186 J/g·ºC

    heat of vap water L = 2256 J/g·ºC

    If you have different values in your references, use them.

    heat given up by steam = heat gained by water and cup

    copper mass * (L + c*ΔT) = (water + copper)*ΔT

    m * (2256 + 4.186*40) = (240*4.186 + 50.0*0.385)*40

    for m the mass of steam in grams

    m = 10537 / 2423 = 4.35 g

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