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A ramp to the front door of a house has to rise 3 feet from the ground and be 36 ft. long, but only 16 ft. of linear space is available. If?

the circumference of a circle is 16 feet, how many feet of diameter would that allow?

The diameter will be the ramp.


1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    In any circle, (circumference)/(diameter) is equal to π.  That rearranges to:

        diameter = (circumference) / π ~~ 16 ft / 3.14 ~~ 5.1 ft

    That's worse, not better.  Are you sure it wasn't 16 ft of diameter?  That would give you 16 ft *times* pi, about 50 ft of circumference.

    There's no way a circular ramp makes sense here, so I'll guess this is from a math textbook.

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