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Do you think it's worth asking the guy I've been txting what he meant when he said, it's not a good idea to meet new people right now?

Before you judge me, I know he didn't mean because of the whole virus thing. We had plans to meet up before but I told him let's meet when the quarantine is over so pls don't say i'm stupid or dumb. I know we are not suppose to meet anyone right now. But I knew he was talking about afterwards. We txted for a month, both wanted to meet up, and just a few days ago he randomly asked to facetime. It was nice, but awkward. Maybe it was me, but he just mainly talked him about himself. And didn't really ask me anything questions or was very engaging in conversations. Kind of like how he was in texting. Anyway, after we facetime I didn't get a single text from him. And I didn't text him either because I was under the impression he was done talking to me. Or didn't see a point in texting when he said that. But I've been thinking about it, and really want to ask him did he mean me or just in general? Because I'm just confused, he said he wanted a relationship and then say it's not a good idea to meet people.. Is it worth texting him and just being like, hi i just want to know if you meant you didn't want to meet me or new people in general over Facetime? and then adding; i thought you wanted to look for a relationship. Or just let things be?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    It sounds like he just lost interests, and it was rude of him to only talk about himself. That is a bozo no no when it comes to dating, because it makes the girl think the guy is stuck on himself. Not sure you will get an answer, but go ahead and ask him anyway.

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