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In marvel and DC do other universes affect the future?

Say a villain would have killed a bunch of people in the future but someone from another universe comes and kills that person did it change the future or was it already the future for example let's say the flash talks to his daughter who came back from the future and she goes back and later he fights and loses to someone that will kill millions of people but someone from another universe comes and stops him, and the flash's daughter comes and talks to flash again did the first daughter have knowledge of the millions of deaths or no since It didnt happen or is she the same as the second.

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Yeah if something happens that stops the future from happening how it did then it can change it no matter who came back how. That said more often than not that future then the daughter came from just becomes an alternate future and still exists, but there are some stories where the future is wiped out. It mostly depends on the popularity of the story and characters, xmen age of apocalypse was a popular story where the main universe was changed to a dark future where apocalypse had taken over, but it was so popular that when it was changed back some characters from it came too and it still exists as an alternate reality that they return to every few years. 

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