Looking for advice on what to do with my med school application.. 3.5 *** (3.15 sci) 512 MCAT with pretty decent EC but not sure what to do?

I am currently a 2nd semester junior with the stats listed above who is already planning on taking a gap year (from the fall of 2021- the summer of 2022). 

At this point, I feel that my GPA (especially my science), will really hold me back. I feel that I may be able to raise my sci gpa to a 3.2, but that's probably it. I'm not sure if I should apply with what I have or enter a post bacc. Any advice on what I should do? Thank you again for all the advice!

As of now, my ECs are:

- A co-authored publication in The American Journal of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Medicine

- 3 years of working as a Qualified Mental Health Specialist working with kids from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds

- 3 years of work as a Resident Assistant at my university 

- 2 Years of work as a Marketing intern for a group that promotes local farmers and organic produce

- 2 years of diversity and inclusion training in Resident Life at my university

- 300 hours of shadowing various specialties

- CPR/First Aid Certified

- Was planning on working as an EMT during my gap year


3.5 = cumulative

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  • 4 months ago

    To be in the top 5% of MCAT takers, you need at least 517 on MCAT exam. That's really the minimum to be a good candidate for med school admissions. You also need minimum GPA of 3.75/3.85 to have much chance of acceptance. It's time for you to consider alternatives to med school or PA programs. Your chances of acceptance are rather poor for either.

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