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Doc Phil asked in HealthOptical · 2 months ago

Flash in my eye?

This just started tonight. I am getting a flash out of my right eye like I’m Seeing a quick reflection out of the corner of my eye. It seems like it with the movement of my head but will occasionally do when I don’t move my head. I have had cataracts removed and lenses put in. I also had Lasix surgery 21 years ago. Little bit more of a description, it’s kind a like you’re seeing a shooting star out of the corner of your eye or Like the tale of a sparkler out of the corner of your eye. Any ideas what might be causing something like that.

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  • Bernd
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    2 months ago
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    I experience the same thing once in a while.  And did even before my cataract surgery.  I have mentioned it to the doctor.  They did not see anything wrong.  I fear it is related to the retina but so far so good.  Tell your eye doc.

    How is you Lasik correction doing after all these years?  

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