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Sweet things I can do when visiting my gf out of state?

We are a new couple. Long distance. When she was out here recently, she did dishes, bagged up the garbage in the bathrooms, folded my clothes, etc. All without me asking. Of course I got our meals, held doors for her, made her breakfast, etc.

I am wondering what sweet things I can do for her when I go stay at her house. Cooking would be difficult as I am not familiar with her kitchen (plus she was going to cook for me she said). 

Also I'm not sure how the holding doors for her would work. She'd be driving her car, so I feel like it would be awkward for me to open her car door when she is getting in the drivers seat? Should I still do it?

Also what are some other sweet things I can do for her that will make her melt? I was planning on leaving little sweet notes for her to find before I left after the trip to come back home.

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