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how to deal with a really angry step dad?

I’m not really asking how to deal with him and am more so asking for peoples opinions on a few things that have happened in the past and present as he doesn’t see any of it as “that bad” and thinks that if my friends say that they are then they are just “appeasing me”

I am 17 and my step dad has been around since i was 10.

i am just highlighting the major incidents that I see as the worst he has been.

•when i was about 10 i was begging my mum not to make me go to school, i was being bullied at the time and we had just moved, he found this irritating so he emptied his water bottle out on me in anger, i then had to go to school wet.

•at the age of 14 i asked to speak to my mum privately, he got irate at being left out and emptied his bottle of beer onto me

•a few days ago i pulled my mum aside for a conversation about why she has changed her mind about something she was previously going to let me do. after 5 minutes he shouted “i’m not having you up there listening to her talking **** all night” i said (not shouted) i think it’s disgusting of him to shout like that when his 6 year old daughter is in bed, which i stand by. He then stormed up the stairs and i ran to my room in fear and pulled my bed in front of the door but he still managed to get the door open and screamed “one more ******* word from you tonight and you’ll be sorry” he was red in the face and spitting everywhere and i didn’t sleep all night because of this, i was terrified.

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  • Pearl
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    4 months ago

    if hes being abusive talk to cps about it

  • 4 months ago

    In each instance you were attempting to pit your Mum against your step dad to get your way. Logically speaking you should stop doing so because apparently each time it make him mad and each time you try, it doesn't work.

  • 4 months ago

    Keep a low profile and make plans to move out when you turn 18 but finish high school first.  Get a job and start saving money as soon as possible.  Pray for wisdom and guidance.  Read the New Testament for answers about life's problems.  Ask Jesus Christ into your life as Lord and Savior and follow Him as best you can.  

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  • Rick B
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    4 months ago

    WOW!  That must be horrible.  He poured liquid on you years ago and then he yelled at you and you cowered.

    Grow up.  You are not being abused.  There are kids out there starving, living in the streets, being physically abused, etc.

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