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asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 2 months ago

what do Astrologers predict about the economy going into recession or not? some say that Jupiter squaring Uranus and Saturn is very bad?

especially when Jupiter is making this conjunction in Taurus ? i think i read? with which planet and squaring Uranus and Saturn. ?

how the planets were when the 1929 sell off happened and the Great Depression? what about Black Monday of 1987? what about 2008 crisis?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    Jupiter squares Uranus twice and opposes once in a 12 year or so period. Right now Jupiter is in Capricorn and won't be in Taurus for several years. The last Jupiter - Saturn conjunction was in 2000. It will conjunct Saturn in December, in Aquarius, but Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius so that isn't so bad. More on that below.

    There was none of this on Oct 24, 1929 (Black Monday).  In fact, if we look at a chart cast for 9:00 AM NY, NY, it's a pretty blah chart with two exceptions.  One, Mars is rising in Scorpio (Scorpio ASC) conjunct the malefic south node, and Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini on the 8th cusp (Regiomontanus houses - it would be nearly the same using Placidus).  Neptune is on the MC in Virgo. But Jupiter conjuncts the 8th cusp and Neptune is on the MC every day. Perhaps the combination at the opening bell is the significance. But these are transits.  One would have to look at the more important charts covering that era  Transits are never enough.

    Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions have always been considered a big deal in that they occur roughly every twenty years and before the outer planets were discovered they were considered the slowest moving and therefore had the most lasting impact.  So the conjunction chart would tell us of the kinds of events that will occur in the next 20 year period.  The last one was in May 2000 in Taurus, neither planet being particularly comfortable in that sign.

    However, in the past, astrologers lacked the ability to pinpoint the positions of the planets, and the day and time the conjunction became exact couldn't be determined with sufficient accuracy to fix an ascendant.  So while claiming the conjunction was of vital importance, there wasn't much they could do with it. They made adjustments and used various techniques, but not the conjunction itself.

    Today anyone can do it with a free astrology program and a cheap computer. Unfortunately astrologers today get all wrapped up in the outer planets rather than looking at this technique, which is wide open for study. 

    This next conjunction in December 2020 is called a "mutation conjunction."  It is the first in a series of conjunctions in air signs that will take place over the next 240 years or so. The first conjunction in a new element is the one that will bring about the strongest changes and set the tone for the next couple of centuries. Since Saturn rules Aquarius and it is in a fixed sign with Jupiter who is so-so in air, this chart could indicate the beginnings of sustained and stable gains of wealth, in law, and religion. I haven't spent a lot of time with the chart and its subordinate charts that would make things more clear.

    There will be no BAM! moment in December.  The effects will begin then and will evolve slowly. So don't look for one. Instead look for the kinds of changes that could snowball and hope they are for the best. Ultimately it is the leaders of nations that will determine how this plays out.  The chart only tells us what they have to play with. 


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  • martin
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    2 months ago

    Those past crises are like today. Jupiter is the giant planet controlling a lot of what goes on. The disease is both personal and economic. The stock market is struggling, doctors working toward a vaccine, and people sheltering in place, fearful.

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  • 2 months ago

    Astrology is a harmless pasttime for the gullible.

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