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elizabeth asked in PetsDogs · 2 months ago

My old dog and my puppy fight?

I have a 12-year-old corgi and I have a 4-month-old labrador puppy, my corgi dog does not accept the puppy, it barks at her but it does not bite her . If the puppy does not bother my dog ​​is calm, but when she just want to play, my dog ​​does not like it and growls, yesterday the puppy started to bark at him too. Every time it seems like they get along it gets worse

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  • 2 months ago

    I would not expect anything different. That pup has INVADED the old dogs territory & does not want anything to do with the pup. Anything!!!! You need to keep the pup away from the home dog. If home dog was larger it would put the pup in it's place by attacking & pinning pup on its back. Yes, this is normal.

    This happens far more than you could imagine. Most people do not know that you are supposed to introduce the two dogs to each other on neutral ground, when nobody feels at home. If they get along at the meeting all should go well at home. But when you just bring in this thing & drop it into home dogs territory, & dog being very territorial, what you did is a no no .

    Protect the home dog cause it is so much smaller than the pup.

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  • 2 months ago

    What's wrong with you!    Adult dogs know not to attack a puppy, BUT there is a limit when it comes to how much they will put up with before they HAVE TO protect themselves from the sharp puppy teeth BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT IN CHARGE OF THE SITUATION.   Until your oldie sees YOU in charge of what the puppy is doing, this situation is only going to get worse. 

    Yes have them together when you are right there to stop the puppy when she gets too full on.   And always correct HER, not your oldie.    When you are not there, do not leave them together, for now. 


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  • PR
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Are you sure they are actually fighting and not "play fighting"? Look this up because this can also involve growling, barking, jumping around, etc. 

    If the other dog truly is frustrated with the puppy, get a dog cage so the pup can be in the cage part of the time, thus giving the adult dog some quiet time without the pup bothering her. In time, the dogs may get along and play together, but you will need to monitor the puppy at first. 

    Our younger dog used to bark right in the older dog's ear, when we first got her - she wanted to play, that much. The older dog did not like that, at all. Eventually, they got along and played chase together in the yard, but it took time.

    Try offering the dogs treats with them sitting in front of you. Make the dogs sit, and take turns getting a treat. Make sure they "take it nice", and don't bother one another. If the older dog associates treats with the puppy, she may begin to see this as an advantage.

    You can also take the dogs on walks, together. This will help them bond.

    Besides that, begin some training with the younger dog, so you have some control over her. Teach her the sit command, using treats over her head, along with praise. Walk her on short training walks, asking for the sit each few feet, also using a treat and praise.

    Hopefully, they will get along soon, but the older dog may appreciate at least part of the day with the puppy napping and not bothering her. She is, after all, an older dog. 

    Dogs play fighting:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The pup is nothing but an obnoxious energy bundle that has no respect, no boundaries and I’d stealing the most important thing in the world, the dogs superior number one placement in the home and half of madytet/mistresses attention.  Why should the older dog accept it’s replacement?  The disobedient disrespectful little  turd that barks in older dogs face, try’s to eat out of the sacred food dish, grabs 2nd slobbers on the toys, leaves them laying around and slobbered everything in the house.  The insolent little rat should be put to death or at least banished until it has learned proper respect of the number one Dog and stops being so obnoxious in its face and to learn respectful distances 1nd boundaries.

    Until the pup calms down and stops braking older dogs personal space you are stick with the bickering and occasional nipping to all out attack.


    You may come home to a dead puppy.  It does not matter the breed or age of the two dogs.  It becomes a territorial thing, a respect thing and just plain old fashioned tolerance thing.

    We had an  11 year old lab female.  She was a lively dog very calm, very sweet.  She had three litters in her lifetime and according to her owners she was so good with the pups.  Her part litter still had 5 pups tormenting her when they were 20 weeks old and she was fine.  She had her last litter at seven years old.

    I brought home a lab puppy that she totally tried to smother from me.  She showed him where to potty and helped hour break him like she showed her pups.  Taught him proper manners at meal time and took it upon herself to correct him when he wouldn’t wait.  It was too good to be true, she took him out for the final time late night and supervised him in the small area we had him penned in so that he couldn’t get into anything.

    I came home with Andy and he was so happy to be with Aggie, he went bounding up to her and struck her in the butt/hip with his front paw...he loved playing tag.  Aggie was watching the goings on sunning herself 8n the window.  Her tail had been wagging as I was talking to her.  The little interloper got his four interrupting hr, she quickly jumped up, bit his side and half threw him across the room using her teeth.

    Pup seemed fine but scared at first but an hour later I was at the vet.  Aggie had managed to get hie internal organs and broke a rib with her grab and toss.  On the outside it was missing a tad of fur but on the inside she made three hours of surgery correction and a week in the hospital to make sure the liver etc were working after the procedure.

    Because older dog’s have been there and done that they are quite a bit more tolerant then most dogs however they will take just so much and then they have enough and defend themselves (in their minds). They didn’t do anything wrong, just asking for respect and the pup not to invade and take their personal space.

    It sounds stupid and silly and up until then I would have sworn my dog would never do that.  But just like humans they get to a certain piping and wheat they tolerated and ignored before suddenly will become intolerable and if we don’t watch for the signs it becomes our fault for putting the pup in danger.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    And you thought bringing a puppy into the life of a 12-year old dog was a good idea?

    Think of it as being an only wife and then husband brings home another wife.  Would you have an issue?

    Not very well thought out.

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