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Anonymous asked in HealthDental · 2 months ago

Why do the assistants at my orthodontist office behave this way? Is this what denial assistants do?

At my orthodontist office, they have several stations. First, you brush your teeth and then out your chart in box 1 (box 1 is where you see the doctor and she checks things out) and box 2 is where the assistants adjust your braces, and box 3 is where you see the doctor again. I put my chart in box 2 and after one nurse grabs it another nurse comes up to me and asks me “what are you doing here today?” And I told her that I had an appointment. While one of them was adjusting my braces both of them right in front of me they both start talking bad about me right in front of me. They for some reason said that I was crazy and that they start to make fun of how I was shy to talk to them. I’m an introvert and that one assistant seemed like she got a thrill out of taking impressions that time at my consultation. It was weird

and one of the techs also likes to make fun of patients. She made fun of some kid that put his chart in box #3 while I was still at station 2 and she was saying “Gosh he’s kind of ugly, how did he get a date to the homecoming.” This happened in November of 2019 and they have like 8 chairs in station 2 but I overheard them in another cubicle lol. Is this what adults do? The tech that made fun of the teen boy about my age looked about 30 and the women that made fun of me looked 27-40ish. Is this what adults do?

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    maybe you should turn them in for doing that

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  • Lili
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    I've never heard of any dentist's office that operates this way. You don't brush your own teeth; there aren't "boxes".  That's just the beginning of the problems with what you describe.

    I have a bad feeling that you are one of our many OCD trolls who will be repeating this ridiculous story over and over and over again.

    Don't. Find something else to do with your ample spare time.

    • Sandy
      Lv 7
      2 months agoReport

      At many orthodontic offices the patients DO brush their teeth before being seen for their  appointment. But the rest of the story does sound unbelievable.

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