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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 2 months ago

Are there any contemporary social structures or practices in this country that are unjust?

If so, explain what you know about the social contract theory. Give an analysis of that injustice from the perspective of one of the political philosophers. For example, think about Rawls two principles of justice. Why does the practice or institution you identified this week violate one or both of those principles? 

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  • 1 month ago

    um the police? the DA’s office and alot of social climbers are a haunt for demons.

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  • The earthly women harassed Gods into the hell of copulating with them, begetting men half of the earth and mostly of the Gods spirit, hell ensued for ownership and rights to the mutants who in their quest for freedom, were cast into the caves of damnation to be tormented an debate by the insatiable earthly women and their henchmen, and protected by the heavens a terrible duality of being almost unending in its exploitation of the good for the earthly bogs called womankind. There earthly women countermanded the Gods had raped or accosted the, knowing this to be untrue, a false allegation crimes still used today, to undermine the sanctity of Man and his Spirit by earthly women who harass to distraction Man and God for grace boons and mostly sex. The eternal lie comes to an end, as womankind are the worst destroyers of God and Man, when empowered by civic rights beyond and above any regard women had for Man and Gods sanctity, dignity, peace of mind. It was called religopolitics at its modern day equivalent of past earrings against the highest order. It goes on as the gender war is entwined by familial ties and kinship. Human rights violations and indignities were invariably by the duality of religppolitics and invariably against Man and God. Always in the false guise of worship, protection and regard. Raging rants are terrible but oppression and tyranny of the Spirits and Minds by the demagogues and right winged demons is equally evil.

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  • 2 months ago

    Social Security is the best example of that around.  I didn't like the fact that the government took a percentage of my earned income each paycheck.  Hated it.  Until I ended up ill and had to retire early due to health reasons.  Sure comes in handy now.  The government took it upon itself to be socially responsible for me.  I did my social responsible thing by working.  It did it by saving money for me to retire on because I would not have done it otherwise.  

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  • 2 months ago

    i think theres lots of them

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  • j153e
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Rawls' notions of social justice are summarized as liberty:  one person's ability to maximize opportunity in whatever way they choose, provided no infringement on liberty of another; and redistribution of wealth:  if person A chooses to work and save, and start a small business, and person B chooses to work and vacation, that is liberty; at the end of the day, person A must give some of her business resources to person B, so that person B has similar wealth to person A.

    In the United States, some individuals, and notably groups such as African Americans, are being deprived of such socialist redistribution benefits, e.g. health care and employment, by illegal aliens, who violate the laws and sovereignty of this country.

    If the focus on justice as fairness is, as your instructor directs, is on this country, then illegal immigration is clearly a violation of national sovereignty, citizens' liberties (e.e., criminal gangs, human and drug trafficking, and--may God forbid--if and when the Mexican population becomes virus-ridden, further problems for U.S. health), and the socialist redistribution of wealth scheme Rawls favored.

    A logical flaw in Rawls' redistribution syndrome:  person A's liberty to earn per her additional labor is violated by Rawls' person B's taking-by-state of some of A's property and earnings.  Person B's vacations are not given in part to person B.  Rawls' system is fundamentally illogical and also psychologically flawed, as persons A will tend to take more vacations themselves, rather than working half their year to support persons B.  In essence, Rawls' work is a pathetic apology for taking-by-state in the name of "justice as redistributive fairness."

    The above is possibly grade-devolving, if the instructor is a biased or even agenda-driven individual. A further, snarky example: political correctness on U.S. campuses, such that many points of view are not tolerated among faculty committed to a socialist agenda.

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  • 2 months ago

    Yes.  Voluntary abortion is the intentional and conspiratorial taking of a HUMAN LIFE without having provided that life the Constitutionally required protections of "due process" in a court of law. It in every sense perfectly fits the legal definition of murder.

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