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What new truck should I teach me dog?

He knows all the basics and some cool ones (sit, stay, lay down, shake, high-five, beg, roll over, come, and dance) but since I’m bored under quarantine, what new skill should I teach him?

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    Whatever fun things you can think of.  Closing an open door, bring you the remote, fetch your shoes or slippers, bring you a soda but beware if you teach the dog to open the fridge the dog may help himself to food inside it.

    Other fun tricks.

    Bring your toys using the toys name such as ball, frisbee, if you have a stuffed dog day your puppy or baby etc.  Teach the dog to put the toys away.

    Teach your dog to pick up dirty laundry and put it in the hamper.  Teach your dog to pick up any trash.... read mail, old magazines, a dropped envelope etc and have him put things in a garbage bag.  Teach dog to bring you his leash, your car keys, your wallet,  Pull a drawer open then closed - you will need a doggie drawer puller so they don’t hurt their teeth on the jobs.

    Teach the dog to count, weave between your legs, to shadow you, to spin, to turn left, to turn right, to back up ten feet, to back up so when his feet hit the well he keeps going walking up the wall with his hind end.

    I can keep going on and on but your mind and you and your imagination need to work on different fun things you can do.  Climb a ladder, freeze in a certain position so he can be bent around like a pose-able statue.  My shepherd girl I would life a pie day freeze, tilt her head and say freeze then put a bubble pipe in her mouth, a Sherlock Holmes hat on her and have her other front pew on a big magnifying glass.  Great fun pictures but if she never learned how to freeze into position I could never have pulled some of the pictures off.  I also taught her to spit whatever she was eating out, she was a smart dog, easy to train, loved to work.  I could even take her out into a yard and direct her where I wanted to stand by sayin out, left, right and in.

    Good luck.

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    Check out Basic Obedience. There are more commands in the basic training than what you have taught. You already got a few down but if you could train just the basics you would have that out of the way. You can also google, 'tricks I can teach my dog'

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    just teach him whatever you want to teach him

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    Try teaching it to speak or train it to go to the toilet

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    jump through a hoop

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    ive heard someone taught their dog to get their neighbors mail and food when theyre old and cant do it themselves

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