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Is adopting a good idea?

So my wife and I are infertile, as she has 

some weird condition and I have low sperm count. We have talked about adopting as an alternative, but we’ve heard some horror stories about it and wonder if they are true. For example, we’re aware that’s its very expensive and may not even be in our budget, the waiting list is very long, there are a ton of minor things that can disqualify you, we may end up with a kid that’s full of troubles because of abusive parents or a mother that drank during pregnancy, and often times adoption agencies hide this info from you until it’s too late, then the kid turns into a violent monster and becomes institutionalized. 

If you think about it, most legit parents wouldn’t put their bio kid up for adoption, there’s usually a very good reason the kid is placed in the system or foster care in the first place, which scares me. And worst of all, the bio parents could claim the kid back at any time within a year I think, especially if it’s a foster kid. All these things are holding us back, so I came here to get a little positive reassurance since we’re looking into alternate ways of becoming parents. Anyone have experience with this, how was it? Am I wrong about this view?

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  • MissA
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    2 months ago
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    You could possibly stand to do any nonzero research before spewing vitriol at children who are unfortunate enough to need adoption.

    If you don’t want to adopt don’t. If you don’t think you can love an adopted kid, don’t. But don’t try to put that on them.

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